Letter From the Chairman

Spurs Canada Members

It was quite an honor to be re-elected Chairman of Spurs Canada at our Annual General Meeting on May 16th. Since that time the Board of Directors and I have been working diligently to prepare for the upcoming season.

At the AGM in May, the Board agreed to structure the Membership Director Role in a slightly different manner. Due to the work load, it was decided that a membership committee would better suit membership needs. I will lead this committee. Jim Arlow and new board member Evan Moses have joined the committee.

The Board also appointed an extra volunteer in the Web and Communications area. We are pleased to welcome Grey Masson to the Communications team and Paul Murray to the Web team.

We will continue working on a membership campaign for members under the age of 14. We plan to offer free membership to youth with the hopes that this will help grow our future membership. Our new partnership with the Ottawa Fury should also provide opportunities for growth in this area.

Our web team lead by Tommy Silver plans to redesign our web site (spurscanada.ca) and offer more value to members. Tommy and Paul Murray plan on creating a “members only” area which will; host our fantasy league, board meeting minutes, Tottenham Hotspur TV Schedule notices, etc. There will also be a portion of the web site that will be allocated for our new U14 members.

For the 2012/2013 membership year, the membership fee will be $20.00 across Canada. We are also considering a second tier of membership that would be at a slightly higher price point. A member in this higher tier would also receive a newly designed Spurs Canada Scarf. We are considering a membership upgrade day for people who have already joined at the $20 dollar level. Once plans are finalized, we will make an announcement on the web site, and the local chapter leaders will also be responsible for communicating the information.

Concerning local chapter leadership, Pauline King will lead the Vancouver chapter; Jim Arlow will lead Toronto; and Grey Masson will lead Ottawa. We are currently looking for Chapter leaders in Calgary, Montreal and possibly Victoria. If you are interested in assisting, please contact me at Chairman@spurscanada.ca

Spurs Canada would like to congratulate David Haward of Pierrefonds, Quebec for being the winner of our Fantasy League. David has won a $200 shopping spree at the THFC shopping web site. He plans to wait for the new roster and see the new uniform choices before spending his winnings!

Overall we thought that last year’s Fantasy League was a success and we’ll continue with this initiative for the 2012/2013 year. Information on the league will follow.

Finally, we congratulate Johnny O’Conner of Ottawa for winning the season ending draw for a free Jersey for the upcoming season. You will see interviews of both winners on our re-engineered web site in the very near future.

Thank you,
John McClelland
Chairman, Spurs Canada