Update from the Chairman

Greetings to our Members and Spurs supporters across Canada

It is my pleasure to announce that for the first time in our 15 year history Spurs Canada has a record membership of over 150 supporters. Well done to our Membership Committee lead by Evan Moses!

At our last Board meeting Monday February 18th, the Board put into action a few plans to increase value to our membership. As you all know we face our nemesis team (Arsenal) Sunday March 3rd. We have decided that this will be a great opportunity to get together as a group and cheer our Spurs on to victory.

In Toronto, members are invited to join us at Scallywags for a free breakfast! The Toronto chapter lead by Jim Arlow will also conduct a 50/50 draw. There will also be a draw for a prize valued at $100.

In Ottawa our partner pub The Berryman, will reserve our regular section. They will also add the popular Tottenham breakfast back on the menu for our members only at a cost of $12. The Berryman has kindly offered up a prize for a Sunday Roast Beef Dinner for four. You can also expect a few extras ;). A special thank- you to Mark Berry and his great staff. Awesome work by the chapter leader Grey Masson.

In Vancouver, our chapter leader Pauline King is searching for a new chapter location as our former home pub has new owners who have decided not to cater to football supporters. If you have any ideas for a new home in Vancouver, please feel free to pass on your suggestions.

We will also have a draw for $100 gift brochure at the THFC web store for members in outlying areas across Canada.

Our Annual General Meeting will be held in May with the date to be determined at our next Board meeting, Monday March 24th. At our AGM, all positions will be posted. Members who are interested in participating on the Board are encouraged to indicate their interest by sending an email. The available positions include: Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Finance, Web, Membership and Communications Directors. There are also Directors at Large and Local Chapter Leaders positions in Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa. We are considering Chapter Leaders for Montreal, Calgary and Victoria as well as a second Greater Toronto Area location as our data base shows that we have enough support in these areas to warrant new chapters.

In conclusion, we value your feedback so please feel free to contact us at www.spurscanada.ca or our Facebook page with your ideas, questions and comments. You can also email me directly.

Best regards,

John McClelland
Chairman – Spurs Canada