Communications Update

Ladies! Gentlemen! Yiddos! Fans of The Beautiful Spurs, all!

Hello! Hi! G’day! ‘Allo, mate! And hi (again)! (Please choose the greeting you feel is most appropriate to you; if your preferred greeting is not shown–and is something you wouldn’t mind your mother hearing–then please forward it to me for future use.)

Let the banners fly, and the bells ring, and the horns blast, and the vuvuzelas….oh god, let them PLEASE choke their blowers! Yes, my friends….


<Editor’s note: Pause for cheers to die down>

<Editor’s note: Continue pausing>

<Editor’s note: Continue pausing>

No no, really, that’s enou…<Editor’s note: pause some more>

Yes, yes, it’s exciting, I know, yes, yes…but no, no, really, that’s enough…please…thank you, but no no, really, it wasn’t me.  No, seriously, I’m just the messenger, the person bringing the news to you, I didn’t actually have anything to do with it…..No, no, honestly, the season just sort of…came ’round on it’s own!…..Well, alright, yes, I did type that couple of paragraphs, but really….no no, it’s all of our dedicated Spurs Canada board members who have done the work that have us ready!  Seriously!  Now, now, that really is enough.

Anyway, as I imagine you are saying: “But Grey, it’s all well and good for registration for the upcoming season to be open! How does one go about…you know…doing it? No, I don’t mean THAT “it”!  I mean, how DO we register?” Well, in fact, you have a number of methods available to you.  Choose one of the following (unless you choose option 1, in which case you should also choose another):

1. You can give me cash.  This won’t actually get you registered, but it DOES give me more cash, and that’s good.  For me.

2. Give the cash to me–or any of your local chapter leaders–and tell me (or whomever) that you want to register as a member for the upcoming season. We really are honest people, and you know how to find us.  Heh heh heh….

3. Go to Spurs Canada website, , and use the awesome sign-up program there.

4. Go to the Spurs Canada facebook page…where you will be directed to the Spurs Canada website and the awesome sign-up program there.

5. Post a cheque payable to “Spurs Canada” care of:  Mark Sandlers, 8777 Dufferin St., Unit 9, Thornhill, ON  L4J 8W3.  (Mark is treasurer for Spurs Canada.)  (That’s not part of his address.)


  • You get a very cool Spurs Canada Membership Card, which you can pull out “by mistake” when you meant to get your debit card and show off to all your friends and the businesses you shop at and stuff, as well as get discounts at our partner pubs.
  • Eligibility for all prize draws throughout the year
  • Invitation to all our parties: mid-season party, year end party, Spurs FA Cup Champions Celebration party, Spurs League Champions Celebration barbecue and beach party, Spurs League Cup (whatever it’s called this year) Champions Celebration wine-tasting and fish fry, and the Spurs “Do The Double Double Over Arsenal And Chelsea” scotch-guzzling and pizza party.  (Please note: Not all parties may take place in your local.  Or at all.  But some day, some day….)
  • Eligibility to enter our Fantasy League and win the top Prize ($200 Value)
  • Ticket Assistance – although tickets are not guaranteed, efforts will be made to assist you with securing tickets through the Supporters Club ticket process
  • Voting rights at the Spurs Canada AGM and International Supporters Clubs Player and Goal of the Year Awards

You also get to hang out with some pretty excellent people!  And in Ottawa, with me, too.

Now I know some of you want to register right away, as soon as the membership window opens.  But being Spurs fans, many of you wait until the last day, the last possible minute, hoping upon hope that you might get a better deal, thinking that maybe the price will come down a little bit just to get the deal done, especially if there’s nothing else standing in the way, or there are no other people making serious attempts to get your membership.  You think, maybe we’ve already dealt away some memberships and have spaces to fill, and not want to finish the membership window with empty holes. Or you can pretend to have a take-it-or-leave-it attitude, that you can stumble through at least part of the season without the membership benefits, and that you can make us believe you’re ready to see how things go that way. But in your heart of hearts, when the chips are down, and the early membership window is closing, you KNOW this is a good deal!  You DO see the value and you DO have the need!  So you make the deal, confident you’ve done the best you can.  So you make the deal, you pull the trigger, and you register!  So why not save some aggravation and make the deal now?  I mean, we’re not talking about signing a striker here!

By the way, the early membership window closes before game time, September 14th. Everyone who is registered by September 14th will be entered into a draw for one of three customized Spurs team jerseys. (If you join after that you still get all the other benefits; you just don’t get to enter the draw we’ve already held.  Or at least, you don’t get a chance to win.)  You get to pick the player name and number. (Note: a little patience pays dividends, as was discovered last year by one member–who shall remain nameless, although he was president last year and continues as president this year–who ordered a Bale jersey a LITTLE too early…ah, the memories of when Bale was #3….)

By the way, if you join after September 14 you still get all the other benefits; you just don’t get to enter the draw we’ve already held.  Or at least, you don’t get a chance to win.

Finally, as a member, you are eligible for the Spurs Canada FANTASY LEAGUE.  This also starts on September 14, for the 4th game of the season, so if you join late you miss out on points. The winner of the Fantasy League will receive a $200 shopping spree at the THFC web site. Last year’s winner….Roger Lynn from Toronto. Two year’s ago…David Haward from Montreal. Think they thought it was worth registering?  You bet they think so!  More details on the Fantasy League to follow…



Grey Masson, Spurs Canada Communications Department