Thanks for reaching out, and we look forward to hosting your supporters at our match. Your group will be seated in section 327 and 328, with pricing at $18 per ticket. We will have a presale for all of our U.S. supporter clubs starting January 21st, 10am PST. In regards to booking, there are two ways your supporter club can go about this:

1. Block Seating: Your group collects orders and payments directly. Reach out to me with your total number of seats desired. I will then place your block of seats together in one of those designated sections with the best available seating at time of payment.
2. Online link: I will create a link prior to the on-sale date and distribute to you. The link will become active at the time specified above. Your members purchase their desired amount of seats through the online link. Buyers will receive the best available seating in these 2 supporters sections, but won’t guarantee seating with your specific supporter club if purchased at different times.

Let me know which type of booking you would like to use for your supporter club.

Thanks, and we look forward to a having you guys out at our stadium.