THFC-TFC Update for July23rd Events

As there is great interest from our membership on the recently announced THFC tour to Toronto, Chicago and Seattle in July, the Spurs Canada Board is sending an update to our members.
So far, the only information Spurs Canada as a supporters club has received, is that THFC will be playing TFC in
Toronto on July 23rd.  We have asked THFC for more information, and as soon as this is received, we will send it to our
membership via email and post it on our website and on our twitter feeds.

From past events hosted in North America, the following have been typically been planned for supporters groups, however without details from TFC and the host venues, we are just anticipating the activities at this time:

– usually a Supports Club event at a THFC practice takes place
– Supporters Clubs host one or more events at local venues (this could include Scallywags in Toronto)
– meet and greet opportunities
– designation of a Supporters Club section for purchase of tickets in the match venue. Normally a special code is provided to Supporters Club members. Note that all members are responsible for purchasing their own tickets, Spurs Canada will not be purchasing a block.
– other activities funded or arranged by the Supporters Club
For Spurs Canada members, the Board is working on some ideas for members only events, prizes draws and activities to take place on or around July 23. More to follow on this!
We are all very excited to hear more as the plans from THFC and the Toronto FC evolve and over the coming months, we will receive more concrete information to pass onto our members. Be assured that as soon as we receive information, we will send it along to you.
Thank you,

John McClelland
Spurs Canada