Spurs Ottawa newsletter July 28 2015

Hello!  Welcome to the new season of Spurs Ottawa reports!  I’ve spent
the last couple of months getting this show roadworthy–including
being permitted to continue to be the one writing these emails (that
is, passing muster at the Spurs Canada AGM and not being voted off as
head of Spurs Ottawa!  Yay!  That took some hard campaigning, I tell

Okay, so much for the irrelevancies.  ‘Ere we go, ‘ere we go, ‘ere we

First things first:  Tomorrow night, Wednesday July 29, Spurs play the
MLS All-Stars in Denver, Colorado.  If you’re not going to the game,
then join some Spurs Ottawa members at The Georgetown Pub to watch the
game–it’s on TSN.  It’s a 9 p.m. kickoff, and at the time of this
writing, if you (1) show up and (2) have bought the Top Tier
membership in Spurs Canada (the $30 one instead of the $20 one) there
is at least a 50/50 chance you can pick up your Spurs Canada toque!  I
can’t make it, so I won’t see you there, but some people will!

Second things second:  The new season starts Saturday, August 8, at
7:45 a.m.  Spurs kickoff the entire Premiership season playing at Old
Trafford against….some team.  The Penalty Box at Hometown Sports on
Bank St. is booked and the doors are always open by 7:45.  Time to get
soccer season going!

Yes, a new season approacheth!  Come On You Spurs!  Come On You New,
Slimmer,  Trimmer, Selling Spurs!  Ah, so much dead wood gone!  (But
holy crap!  How horrible is life in China that they had to give
Paulinho a RAISE to play there?  You heard me right–as if you didn’t
already know about it–Paulinho has left for MORE MONEY to play in
China.  MORE money!  No sh…no sh…no kidding!)

Many sales, but not many purchases. The biggest signing for us this
year–hopefully only so far–has made our back line’s names harder to
spell than any other Premiership team (that’s really just a guess–I
didn’t really look.)  The cost of putting names on the back of jerseys
is part of the reason Stambouli is gone, although hopefully Rose and
Walker won’t be injured much.

So, some cool news: You can now get official Spurs Canada merch,
designed and licenced by Tottenham Hotspur Football Club specifically
for Spurs Canada–including a toque!  THE Toque!  We are the first
supporters club for whom THFC has ever done this sort of thing, and
that kind of speaks volumes about your club! THEY chose US!  Sweet!
Other than that, there are three Spurs Canada t-shirts available for
purchase from Fanatics (for some reason THFC chose a U.S. based
company to supply Spurs Canada, as if China  doesn’t ship here, too.)
Check them out here:

Finally, with a new season comes a new Spurs Canada Fantasy Football
season.  Make sure you sign up and nurse your team.  Which reminds me.
Anyone know which Spurs Ottawa member finished first last year among
all the Spurs Ottawa members?

Cheers, all, and COYS!