Real Sports Spurs Canada – Ottawa

Hey, folks!

Both games will be Real Sports Spurs Canada deals!  So lunchtime on Thursday for the Europa League and…lunch time Sunday (11 a.m. is lunch enough time, as time is an illusion and lunch time doubly so), we will see you at Real Sports!  Remember to register as a member before you get there!
Oh, and by the way, if you missed it Saturday, we had a decent result against Man City.  (“Decent”?  We scored so many goals even Lamela got one!)
  • Steve Gobel

    I’m part of a group of 12-15 people from Ottawa who’ll be visiting England in late April / early May 2016. We’d like to attend the May 7 Tottenham vs Southhampton fixture. Suggestions for getting tickets? I may be able to convince all of the guys to become Spurs supporters!

    • Bill Daniel

      Take a look back through latest news and there is a post about what is needed to get tickets for a Spurs game …. it is designed to ensure you get tickets as the club knows we are coming from overseas and want to book early’ Especially when you have a larger group… for help drop me a message as I am current Chair of Spurs Canada – Bill Daniel