Spurs Canada – Boxing Day Event – last chance to register is 9th October

Repost of previous post with a deadline of Friday 9th October to respond as advanced ticket sales for Norwich game closes on 20th October – if you have already expressed interest there is no need to resubmit as you will be contacted after the 9th.

As part of the Club’s 15th Anniversary celebrations we are coordinating an event at White Hart Lane.

One of the core times members consider traveling is over the Holiday period; so we are working with Tottenham Hotspur to host Spurs Canada Members who will be coming to the UK over the holidays and attending the Norwich City game on Boxing Day (26th December 2015).

Details are still be formalized but it will include access pitch side for photos and more. As more details are planned we will update this post but right now we just need to know who would be interested in attending if they were planning to go to the game anyway and get group tickets as well as the hospitality of the club too.

If you’re interested in this and/or are already booked to go to London and were going to that game anyway please send an email to Bill Daniel – spurscanadavan@gmail.com so Spurs Canada can get details of all of those who are going anyway or who may be making the trip.

Note: Spurs Canada is not organizing group rates for flights or hotels of any sort, this will be simply gathering a group who will already be in London over the festive period, coordinate tickets for the game and as a group represent Spurs Canada at the game.

For criteria to get tickets through Spurs Canada please see this post from 10th July 2015; this applies to the Boxing Day game too.