Chair’s Update

Chair’s Update – Spurs Canada – 10th March 2016

This message has already been sent to the personal inboxes of all  2015/16 Member of Spurs Canada…. there are a few minor edits removing items and PINs and only distributed to members.

A great season in the EPL so far….. where do we finish, only time will tell.

There are lots of updates layered with a few apologies too so here goes…….

Spurs Canada AGM – 1st June 2016

Full Agenda with details of Executive and Directorship Elections will be sent out to all active 15/16 members in good standing closer to the date with conference bridge / webinar details closer to the AGM.

This is open for all members to attend / participate as part of that process we will request RSVPs from those wishing to participate to we have a bridge that will be able to accommodate all of those wishing to attend.

The AGM will be held on Wednesday 1st June at 7pm EST / 4pm PST

Save the date !!

Spurs Canada Website

We’ve had a few challenges with the website this year after the redesign and were locked out for a few months over the winter due to circumstances beyond our control; we are now back in and you will see links to the site on Facebook and twitter messages as well as part of mails and messages out to you the Members.

This has delayed us in putting up the new Hall of Fame pages and sorting out the Picture galleries but we are working on both and you patience is appreciated; if you have the skills too and can assist our web team we’d love to hear from you and please contact me directly as we are all volunteers and as many helpers as we can get will help us to stay current and timely to keep you all informed.

Spurs Canada Membership Cards
As part of the website improvements and to be more productive as well as more efficient with funds being a not-for profit organization we are transitioning from the Membership cards to you receiving a pdf file with your membership details on it which you will receive upon registration. We’ve advised this before and had a few glitches in the early stages but it looks like for season 16/17 registrations we will all be ready to go.

Premium Membership
We are often asked what next year’s premium membership options will be; that decision is will be made by the Spurs Canada 16/17 Executive; albeit ideas are being thrown around it is the decision of next years executive to decide if there will be a Premium Membership option and if so what it will be.

Premier Fantasy League – Week 37 & 38 – Weekly prizes

If you’ve been playing since the beginning or are new to it there is still good reason to join the Spurs Canada 15/16 league – as well extending the prizes down to 3rd for the entire league prizes started last year and having weekly draws in line with the NLDs this year we are finishing off the last 2 weeks of this season again with the highest points scorer each week winning the new 15/16 Season Shirt; This is only open to Spurs Canada Members; the league code is posted below to use after you have your team is set up. So even if you’ve not done it all season, play the last few weeks to get used to it and join us in the new season; currently 82 Members take part so it is a very vibrant and league.

To win the shirt; get the highest points total for each week Week 37 & Week 38 (not a combined score each week is separate)  – If there is a tie the tie breakers in this order will be Goals Scored by your team, assists by your team and then Goals conceded by your team (the least of course for this).

Fantasy League PIN for Spurs Canada 15/16 League details are only shared with Spurs Canada Members.

National Spurs Canada Day and Prize Draw

We had our 1st National Spurs Canada Day last year in May held in Toronto.

The weekend consists of football scrimmages, day at BMO field watching Toronto FC match, followed by watching a Spurs match on TV at Real Sports on the Sunday morning.

As part of the National Day we announced a membership wide draw for a fantastic prize; the prize was up to CAN$1,500 towards flight costs and 2 tickets for a Spurs Home Game at White Hart Lane between 1st August and 31st December of last year and our winner had a fantastic trip and time a WHL.

As Spurs Canada is a non-for-profit organization we as the executive have to ensure we have funds in place to support the club and if we arrange events and larger prizes out budget has to be able to balance.

For a variety of poor excuses we have not met as an executive as often as prescribed in our charter as we should have had this sorted out weeks ago; but we have an Executive meeting next week to discuss if we have appropriate funds and resources to be able to support another national day, some other events and will we be able to repeat the grand prize draw again this year.

The numbers do look good but we as the executive will update all the membership on the results of that meeting by 20th March 2016.

Spurs Canada Merchandizing
As you would have seen we had a few Spurs Canada T’s designed for us by Spurs and were available on the Fanatics website; the critique was that these were in US$ and a fixed price and were very expensive.

Spurs have a new partnership which has been introduced to Spurs Canada and we are in the early stages of working on transferring those designed T’s to that site and will also have the ability to design our own and maybe do Chapter specific designs too; the main benefit is we are able to have a large input on setting the price for these items to make merchandize for us more accessible to our members, more to follow on this before season’s end.

Hall of Fame
As mentioned above; the Hall of Fame page on the website will be added in the coming weeks; we have already had one inauguration event in Toronto attended by our Honorary President, Paul Stalteri and there will be second ceremony in Toronto to coincide the Liverpool game on April 2nd and we have invited Paul to attend that even too, as yet to be confirmed.

More details to follow as that date approaches.

Ottawa – Charity Event
Over the holiday period the Ottawa Chapter and Spurs Canada as a whole were shocked and sadden by the passing of two of our members Robert & Paul under separate circumstances.

Spurs Canada have already made donations to charities on behalf of both Robert & Paul, but we are taking it further to arrange some money making initiative to raise funds for Paul’s young son’s special needs. Currently, these needs are not met by Canada’s heath care system and the family need all the help they can get.

We already have a commitment from Spurs to support us in this, with signed swag coming our way to be auctioned off and also seeking the cooperation and support of MLSE to create a charity event with all funds raised going to a fund put in place.

More details will follow on this in the coming weeks as more details come out of Spurs and to what they are sending us and when so the dates can be set…. But watch out for more news on this event as I’ve love to see Spurs Canada members across the country support this fund raising effort.

Now we have the majority of our tech issues addressed watch out for more updates directly to you inbox as well as via our varied social media channels and the website.


Bill Daniel – Chair
Spurs Canada