Spurs Canada – 1st June AGM Agenda and RSVP Reminder

The RSVP has been extended to Monday 31st May 2016 – if you wish to attend the conference call please send a message to the chair* at spurscanadavan@gmail.com

*You must be a Spurs Canada member in good standing for season 15/16 to participate in the AGM and we will be cross referencing any requests with our membership database before sending out webinar / call-in details.


Chair’s Report Presented by Bill Daniel – (posted on this website after AGM)

Treasurers’ Report 

Membership Report

Executive and Directorship Elections

All positions are open for nomination and election by the attendees of the AGM, as of date of posting the following positions status is as follows:

Chair –Bill Daniel is standing as Incumbent for re-election

Treasurer – Mark Sandler is standing as Incumbent for re-election

Secretary – open –

Membership Secretary – no update at time of posting

There are always needs for Directors-as-Large to assist wherever needed as well as people to help with the following roles, some of which already have members in place but all help and using members expertise is always welcome

Communications , Social Media & Website

Chapter Updates

Tottenham Hotspur Retail and Marketing Partnerships Update

Spurs Canada – Hall of Fame

Any Other Business

This can be brought up at the time but advance notice from attendees on items to be discussed or raised would be appreciated so all attendees can be advised of the full agenda; one item already raised is:

Ticket availability for Champions League games.

All AOB Topics to also be sent to the same email address as above.