Spurs Canada – Fantasy League Season end winners

Well it looks like the love was shared across many chapters with the winners of Week 37 & Week 38 Shirt Draws as well as the final League winners too.

Week 37 – Paul Malin – 112pts

Week 38 – Gary ODonoghue – 71pts

The week 37 & 38 Points winers win a Spurs jersey of their choice from this season or wait to be one of the first for next season.

Overall Spurs Canada League:

The scoring for our League started on Week 4 of the Season and as well as the occasional weekly top points scorer prizes announced during the season the following prizes for the final points winners at the end of the season are.

Winner – $250*

Second – $100*

Third – $75*

* – To be selected from merchandise from the Spurs Store on Line and is only eligible to Season 15/16 Members of Spurs Canada

There were 82 Members taking part in the league this year, if you’re not already involved more info will come out at the start of next season to register or re-register.

Martin Burtt – 2,072pts

Paul Malin – 2,050pts

Roger Lyne – 2,042pts

All the winners are current Spurs Canada Members.

Congratulations to all and good luck next season.