Chair’s AGM Report on Season 15/16

Below is the Chair’s report – presented at the AGM on 1st June 2016

Financial Report and AGM Meeting Notes posted separately:

Following an exciting Summer in 2015 with Spurs once again in N.America for the MLS All-Star game, who knew the season that lay ahead of us would be such a success.

In my second year in the role of Chair of Spurs Canada we were able to start the year off with the new Executive having a great foundation of the new website and social media improvements that had taken place the previous year. As Membership started for the season just passed we were delighted to offer the Spurs Canada Toque as a premium member gift. Some of you may not be aware that this was designed and made for us by Spurs Retail Dept and we were the first ever supporters club to do this worldwide; our merchandising partnerships continue and more of that later in the report.

For social media we have seen a lot of growth in followers and views on our website and social media feeds and all the Chapters have seen increased attendances throughout the year as members gathered to support the team in their fantastic season but new supporters or those trying to find Spurs Canada were able to do so online; which was a major critique before the Spurs tour of 2014. We were even approached by a new supporters club so see if they could use our format and templates for their site too. So kudos to the web site designers and in particular William Grace for all his hard work in setting up the site.

Membership remains very solid and I saw more members joining later in the season as they discovered Spurs Canada that I have before; also as part of the changes in the website and process we decided to provide online pdf based membership cards; both for practical distribution reasons as well as inefficiencies in costs. NOTE: During the AGM it was decided the membership liked and cherished the cards so they are reinstated to the 16/17 Season

We are adding and improving the website with items such as the Hall of Fame inductions and the possibility of using the site as a portal for members to apply for tickets for Spurs games.

On that note; with the combination of Spurs playing so well as well as the last year when you could see White Hart Lane before construction started for the new Stadium there was a huge jump in members requesting tickets for Home games at The Lane; 42 members took advantage of the advanced ticket purchase option through Spurs Canada including a smaller than anticipated group for the Spurs Canada Boxing Day game. This is up from about a 19 members using the program last year.

With the changes at The Lane as well as the Wembley announcement for CL Games; Spurs are issuing new ticketing guidelines for this coming season, as soon as they are received by Spurs Canada they will of course be distributed to the Membership as I have already received requests for info on CL games so I know there is a huge interest.

As a not for profit organization Spurs Canada had to spend wisely and also ensure we give the best that we can for all the members; last year we has a fantastic grand prize draw and sent a member from Edmonton over to game at the start of this last season; which also included him being in the Match Day programme too! Albeit the executive in the future may decide to do a similar grand prize the consensus of the executive was to invest in areas that best supported the chapters as well as the members in remote areas too who are not able to physically get to games. There will be more to follow on that as the new executive actions some of those plans.

Part of this decision was based on the end of the sponsorship / support / donation by MLSE funds available to Spurs Canada primarily in the Ontario region which allowed Spurs Canada to provide a tremendous amount of value and often no cost events to members.

Some of the highlight events being the inaugural Spurs Canada Hall of Fame inductions; one of which was attended by our Honorary President, Paul Stalteri.

Tottenham Hotspur are doing more each year to recognize and support official supporters clubs as you will have seen last year with the exclusive Member Pins sent out as well as the Spurs Canada Toques this year, there are final stages of moving the Spurs Canada T’s sold via to TeeSpring and also allow Spurs Canada to design and promote merchandise using official Spurs logos and fonts that could be customized down to the local / chapter level. The first of these will be available for the start of the 16/17 season and as Spurs Canada has more input on the sell price they should be a lot cheaper than the items offered via

I will leave the treasurer to provide the full financial reports (separate post on this website) but as we work on a not for profit basis under the terms and conditions of an Official Supporters Club of Tottenham Hotspur; as our membership is solid, the executive have been able to offer even more benefits to the individual members throughout the season; from more local prize draws. You will see that even with these additional offerings the club is in a great financial position to function during the upcoming season; we hope if membership is the same or higher for this coming season we can continue to offer the same or more benefits; but that is always dependent on the membership numbers each year.

Finally, I’d like to thank everyone involved in the Spurs Canada Executive and Chapter leads for all you hard work; we are all volunteers and as the election is upcoming; the more of us involved the easier it is for all of us to keep Spurs Canada growing.

With the team doing so well and all the changes taking place it is an exciting time to be a Spurs fan and I look forward to having the opportunity to continue to support you all and Spurs Canada.

It has been a pleasure to serve as Chair for this fantastic season.

Come on you Spurs !!!

Bill Daniel – Chair 15/16 Season