Spurs Canada – AGM Minutes from 1st June

Spurs Canada AGM June 1 2016

Attendees: Bill Daniel, Mark Sandler, Richard Thomas, Grey Masson, Greg Polimis, Shah Hosin, John McClelland, Steve Wood

1. Chairs report – is published separately (action : Bill Daniel)
2. Treasurers report – is published separately ( action: Mark Sandler)
One arising action for the new board is local chapters to do count to account for the toques remaining. It is estimated there should be many still available.
3. Open Questions tabled by john McClelland:
a. It had been indicated to the database that Spurs Canada had supported a number of charities, including Ottawa members: Paul Ague and Robert Rooney, Have we?

Bill indicated that small donations had been made, and items offered by both Tottenham and MLSE, this needs to be closed with the Local Chapter lead (Action: Bill and Grey)

b. MLSE donated items included youth kit, in Ottawa this was given to a local club who promised a thank you letter and pictures to be posted
– status is these have not been received (Vancouver and Toronto have made similar donations, some still in progress)

c. In previous years members have been able to vote for spurs player of the year, goal of the year, young player of the year, why did this not happen this year?
– Bill will follow up with Stacy at Tottenham to find out where communication failed

d. Has the Director’s liability insurance been put in place?
– NO – 2 quotes were received , awaiting a third to choose and complete

e. There was a stated intention to have football friendlies in W. Canada and Ottawa v Toronto – did these take place?
Bill indicated Vancouver plans as summer event – typically as part of a pub led event
For Toronto Greg indicated this had not been on their radar screen

f. Does the board feel the celebrations for the 15th anniversary went well and enough was done?
Bill answered No, including only 6 attending boxing day event, fanatics t-shorts did not sell well. The anniversary was not really celebrated

g. On these t-shirts what is being done as they proved good quality but expensive?
Bill answer this is in Progress (see later agenda item)

h. Putting photos on web site has been on agenda all year, why is this not happening?
Bill agreed and stated this is due to lack of skilled volunteers

i. John had passed on Beau’s contact information with a view to Beau’s supporting the supporters clubs in Ottawa and Toronto
Bill indicated that this should be dealt with at the local level and the pubs involved

j. The prize trip to WHL was cancelled this year, what was replaced this?
Bill indicated that the funds had been allocated to invest in more events throughout the year and can be used for future discounts and draws or to subsidize events locally to grow chapters and support faithful members who are without a specific chapter. Action: local chapter leads to bring ideas for their locality and new executive to act to spread the use of the funds

k. How many board meetings were cancelled this year?
Bill answered 2 or 3, and stated they had not been as frequent as in passed

l. How many members on board show up for meetings?
Bill answered an average of 5 or 6 of the 18 on board

m. Web site awaits hall of fame content, when will this be populated?
Bill answered that the information is ready to go once we have the resources to do it

n. Obtaining tickets for games has not been as smooth this year compared to knowing status within 1 or 2 weeks, why?
Bill answers requests have increased and is in communication with Tottenham as to why there has been less fulfillment this year and what will happen in the coming season

4. Election of board members. The following board was duly elected:
Chair- Greg Polimis
Treasurer: Mark Sandler
Secretary: John McClelland
Membership Secretary: Bill Daniel
Communications: Daniel Dovgan-Eugene
Social Media: Eric Escaravage
Website: Will Grace, CA Ross incumbents (to be confirmed)
Chapter leads: Ottawa: Grey Masson, Toronto: Cameron Norman, Vancouver: Kyle Christensen
Directors at large: Richard Thomas, Shah Hosin

During this discussion it was formally agreed to dissolve the Durham chapter (proposed by Shah, seconded by John and passed unanimously

5. Chapter updates:
a. Ottawa – Grey Masson reported that overall it has been a good year for the chapter with the biggest problem being the lack of a fixed venue so the chapter locates to suit weekly. Wants to expand beyond e.mail communication to a larger number of events
b. Toronto- Greg reported Toronto continues to grow and wishes to build the profile further. Mark indicated a fun, regular and vibrant attendance
c. Vancouver: Bill reported continued health and growth with several successful events held

6. Retail Update:
Bill has been in correspondence with teespring (to be used by Tottenham also) to make merchandise more adaptable, readily available and cheaper. And hopefully involve less administrative overhead for Spurs Canada (the fanatics t-shirts will be transferred at a price to be determined)

7. AOB:
a. Nomination for future hall of fame members, process to be communicated to all membership as we seek to thank Long service Spurs fans, board members or other worthy recipients
b. Champions League ticket process – too early to tell
c. Action update facebook page and web site with new board members
d. It was agreed to raise the membership fee to C$25, have no premium membership this coming year, and introduce a C$10 junior membership
e. It was agreed to look into reintroducing plastic member cards
8. Next Call : 29 June 8pm EST with meetings planned at minimum every 6 weeks