Champions League – Group stage single ticket applications for Members

Hello All,

Below is an abridged version of a message sent directly to us from the Spurs Supporters Club group regarding the individual CL tickets

I know many of you have been waiting for information on individual match tickets for our Champions League games at Wembley.

Following the draw, we will face these Teams in the group stages:
Group E
CSKA Moscow (RUS)
Beyer 04 Leverkusen (GER)
Monaco (FRA)

Dates of Wembley Fixtures are listed here

We are fortunate enough to have a limited number of tickets for each match, more information to follow in the coming days.

There will be no maximum to the amount of tickets your Supporters Club can purchase, however, all of those wanting to attend, as well as being a Spurs Canada Member MUST be a current ONE HOTSPUR Platinum/Gold/Silver member or have a current Bronze/Lilywhite membership. No exceptions will be made. Please note members and Season Ticket Holders will only be able to purchase one ticket each so anyone purchasing on an individual basis cannot also be included as part of a Supporters Club application. Any Members or Season Ticket Holder’s details that are part of a Supporters Club application that have purchased a ticket as an individual member will be automatically deleted from the Official Supporters Club (OSC) application.

Official Supporters Clubs allocation for the matches at Wembley are in Blocks 541, 542 & 543. If members prefer to purchase tickets in an alternative location, you are of course able to purchase tickets independently as individual members. These will be subject to a booking fee and a maximum of 10 tickets can be booked per transaction. For more information see the link below (more information to follow in the coming days) – latest info from the Spurs website is here.

Important Information Regarding Supporters Match Tickets

– Any Member that has already purchased a ticket is not eligible to apply.
– Match Booking Form will be completed by the Chair of Spurs Canada for submission so all details bus get to the chair ASAP for applications – send your details to
– There is no maximum to the amount of packages you can purchase (as long as all attending are current ONE HOTSPUR members)
– There is no booking fee when booking via the Supporters Club
– Any Season Ticket Holders wishing to purchase seats with Bronze and/or Lilywhite members are able to do so.

Please note that as the Supporters Clubs 3 Match Package Tickets have already been allocated, any tickets purchased from this point, will not be located with those already processed.