Coming soon – new ticketing application process via Spurs Canada website

As White Hart Lane has 4000 less seats this season, with it being the last year at the old stadium, Champions League games and the general continued success of the club on and off the field Spurs Canada are getting more requests than ever for assistance getting tickets for Spurs games; which is one of the benefits of being a member of Spurs Canada as we are an Official Supporters Club (OSC) of Tottenham Hotspur.

You will see in other posts details surrounding regular home games, Champions League games at Wembley as well as Away game requests.

The club themselves have had to change policies this year with the reduction in size and there will be continued changes next season at Wembley as well as the following season as we settle back into the New White Hare Lane stadium with the increased capacities etc.

Away games were opened up to us 2 seasons ago and getting tickets has been very problematic as as Spurs continue to perform well more fans want to travel away leaving less allocation opportunities if at all for OSCs worldwide.

Our Chair is currently confirming and establishing firm policies, in particular for the away game issues and as part of that role this season and for past seasons is the prime contact for submitting applications to Spurs on behalf of this club.

To make it easier to deal with the volume as well as one place for details of policies and to ensure all members applying are aware of what they need Spurs Canada will shortly be adding a ticketing page to our website with easy to complete application forms and an instant submittal and confirmation of your applications submission once we get the final policy details from Spurs.

In the Interim; if you are applying for tickets please ensure you provide all the information below to

  • Make sure you application for your selected game(s) is before the our deadline so we can process the applications for all the members for that game – all EPL game deadlines are listed here  in an older post for now; the earlier the better as we get you application as only 10 tickets per game are guaranteed by Spurs.
  • You must be a Season 16/17 Spurs Canada Member to apply
  • Supply Names and One Hotspur #s for 16/17 Season for all applying for tickets
  • Indicate where you’d like to sit at WHL – this is a little more problematic this season than others but we will make the request
  • Provide a Telephone number for the Chair to reach out to you to collect / arrange payment details for the tickets once we have the allocation confirmed after the ballot closes

This post will be edited / deleted as soon as the ticketing page is created and deployed.