Ticketing for Spurs Canada Members for the Rest of this Season – UPDATE

Rather than paraphrase the information sent to Spurs Canada from the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Club Operations Co-ordinator we thought we’d just post the letter here and add our comments at the end.

Our Ticketing Page links to this post too.

Good Afternoon

As the season is now into its second half and our time at the Lane is drawing to an end, ticket requests have increased, not only within our OSC (Overseas Supporters Clubs) ballots but also across all membership types. I know it may not seem like it, but we have done very well to have received the amount of tickets we have been given thus far.

As explained at the start of the season, tickets are extremely limited. So far, I have been able to source additional tickets to assist with the growing demand by OSC but as with all good things, this has now come to an end and I am only able to offer the tickets allocated specifically to us.

Watford & Bournemouth
The limit on the applications for these matches is now 5 tickets per club (down from 10). As usual, the number of tickets your club receives will depend on how many applications are received.
If you have any members that are unsuccessful in the OSC ballot, they are still able to apply via the members’ ballot for each match. http://www.tottenhamhotspur.com/tickets/

Fixture Date Applications Open

10am GST 

Canadian Times Applications Closed 

5pm GST

Canadian Times Ballot Result Announced
Watford 8th April 13th Feb 5am EST / 2am PST 17th Feb Noon EST / 9am PST 21st Feb
Bournemouth 15th April 27th April 5am EST / 2am PST 3rd March Noon EST / 9am PST 7th Marc

Arsenal & Manchester United
Due to the unprecedented demand expected for these 2 games, the decision has been made that there will be no priority booking period for OSC and that all tickets will be issued on a loyalty point basis via the Bronze & Lilywhite Members ballot. http://www.tottenhamhotspur.com/tickets/




Sat 29 Apr
Mon 13 Mar
Fri 17 Mar
Tue 21 Mar
Manchester United
Sat 13 May
Mon 27 Mar
Fri 31 Mar
Tue 4 April

Europa League
Should we progress in the Europa League, I am still able to offer you the same excellent access to tickets for our matches held at Wembley Stadium.

I understand that some of this news may be disappointing; we always knew that our ticket allocation for this season was going to be tight.

Thank you for bearing with me, your continued loyalty and support is appreciated.



The Chair will be reaching out to advise all those with applications directly with their options and this post will also be sent directly to all current Spurs Canada Season 16/17 Members.