Letter from New Spurs Canada Chair

Hello All,

Please see the message below, from our new Spurs Canada Chair – John McClelland.


Spurs Canada 2017/18

Letter from the Chairman


On behalf of the new board of Spurs Canada, I welcome you to the 2017/18 season for Spurs Canada.

After a successful Annual General Meeting , your new board members this year are:


  • John McClelland- Chairman
  • Mark Sandler- Treasurer
  • Ryan Lovie- Secretary
  • Martin Gillen- Director/Podcasting
  • Bill Daniel- Vancouver Chapter Leader/Membership/Webmaster
  • Keaton Ambrose- Toronto Chapter Leader
  • Cameron Norman- Member at Large (Toronto)
  • Greg Polomis-Member at Large (Toronto)
  • Grey Masson- Member at Large (Ottawa)
  • Richard Thomas-Member at Large (Ottawa)
  • Mike Achterekte-Member at Large (Ottawa)


You may have already noticed, Membership is now open for 2017/18 on our web site www.spurscanada.ca,

For 2017/2018, adult membership fees have been set at $30.00, with membership for children 16 and under $10.  Each member will receive a newly designed Spurs Canada scarf and membership card for 2017/18.

“Membership Matters” is a focal point of this year’s board.  We want our members to feel valued and want to improve every members’ experience.  Another focus will be to continue to increase membership. We have a target of a 20% increase in membership over last year. For those members in areas where there is not a local chapter, we are planning special activities for you so that you feel a part of the Spurs Canada experience.

We have numerous exclusive events planned for members this year including; a year opening/membership party, fantasy league, draws through out the year for merchandise and other special events/plans in the works for the year.

At the AGM an approval was given to for a new board role as Podcaster. We are looking forward to this increase in communications.

The board chapter leaders are in the process of meeting with our partner pubs. We are negotiating for even more benefits for our membership.

The past and current board understand that the ticketing process for 2016/17 was difficult. We have voiced our opinions to THFC and are asking for updates on new processes for the coming year at Wembley.

We also understand that many of our Spurs Canada members will be heading to: New Jersey, Orlando and Nashville for the THFC summer tour. We are in contact with our American THFC chapters and will update our web site and social media feeds with events at these locations.

We will continue to email our members with updates, post on our web site, Facebook page and Twitter feeds.

Welcome to Spurs Canada 2017/18


On Behalf of the Board

John McClelland

Chairman- Spurs Canada


  • Grey Masson

    Ah, the vitriol of the anonymous. Completely and willfully misunderstanding reality for his own personal gain, and never having to answer for it. I can only think of one time when THFC came near Spurs Canada, and we were indeed in the nosebleeds–thanks entirely to Toronto FC and MLSE who picked the worst seats at BMO for Spurs fans. I know I was pretty high up…but I know I was below John McClelland. Never had to move my head to see the action we were so far away from the pitch, and John McClelland was farther away. And as a member of Spurs Canada you get to see where every dollar goes. But I suspect you’re not interested in the facts, just in being nasty. Just sayin’–but I’m just sayin’ it based on the evidence.