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Spurs Canada – 1st June AGM Agenda and RSVP Reminder

The RSVP has been extended to Monday 31st May 2016 – if you wish to attend the conference call please send a message to the chair* at

*You must be a Spurs Canada member in good standing for season 15/16 to participate in the AGM and we will be cross referencing any requests with our membership database before sending out webinar / call-in details.


Chair’s Report Presented by…


Spurs Canada – Fantasy League Season end winners

Well it looks like the love was shared across many chapters with the winners of Week 37 & Week 38 Shirt Draws as well as the final League winners too.

Week 37 – Paul Malin – 112pts

Week 38 – Gary ODonoghue – 71pts

The week 37 & 38 Points winers win a Spurs jersey of their choice from this season or wait to be one of the first for next season.



Memory Lane – a feature length documentary – by fans for fans

From our Friends at Fighting Cock Podcast —

Announcing the release of Memory Lane, a feature-length documentary – by the fans, for the fans – charting the noble history of Tottenham Hotspur football club at White Hart Lane…

From humble beginnings, keeping local youngsters out of trouble, through a trailblazing journey of magnificent firsts, Tottenham Hotspur is now a premier English football club.

Passionately narrated by The Fighting Cock podcast’s Flav,…


Spurs Canada – EPL Fantasy League – Week 37 & 38 Jersey Prizes

As previously advertised; for those Members involved in the EPL Spurs Canada Fantasy League as well as the NLD Weeks where we had winners of a Spurs Jersey of your choice we will also be doing so for the last 2 weeks of the season, Week 37 & Week 38 which is the games on the weekend of 7th & 8th May and the final games all played at…


Spurs Canada – AGM Reminder and RSVP

The AGM will be taking place on Wednesday 1st June 2016 5pm PST / 8pm EST

If you are a current member of Spurs Canada for the 15/16 season you are invited to take part in the AGM; where there will be reports on the past season’s activities; plans already in place going forward and the most important part the election of the Spurs Canada Executive and other key positions…


Chairs Update – 20th March 2016

As per my commitment to provide feedback from the Spurs Canada Executive meeting last week on the decisions made surrounding a number of issues including if Spurs Canada, below are the decisions made by the executive:

Grand Prize Draw: Spurs Canada awarded approx. $1500 last year for a trip to London and 2 tickets to WHL for a game; albeit the draw was very well received and the winner the…


Chair’s Update

Chair’s Update – Spurs Canada – 10th March 2016

This message has already been sent to the personal inboxes of all  2015/16 Member of Spurs Canada…. there are a few minor edits removing items and PINs and only distributed to members.

A great season in the EPL so far….. where do we finish, only time will tell.

There are lots of updates layered with a few apologies too so here goes…….

Spurs Canada AGM…


NLD – Spurs Canada Fantasy League Winner – Week 29

The Wimmer (lol) of the Spurs Shirt for the NLD Spurs Canada Fantasy League for the most points scored during Week 29 of the NLD is……

Martin Burtt – 91 Points

no runners up prizes here but there will be at the end of the season so only commiseration to:

Simon Wymer on 90 Points


Gary O’Donoghue on 88 Points

Well done Martin… we will be in touch to coordinate you choosing your Prize.




Spurs Canada AGM Dates – save the date – 1st June 2016

Hello All,

The Spurs Canada AGM will be held via conference call / webinar on Wednesday 1st June 2016 at 7pm EST / 4pm PST.

All Spurs Canada Members in good standing are invited to attend the AGM; call details will be sent out to all 15/16 Season Members closer to the date with full Agenda items and Executive position election details too.

Save the date !!!




Fantasy League – NLD Week – Top points scorer wins a Spurs Shirt

This weekend we play the Woolwich Wanderers on Sunday 8th Nov – so to honour this weekend the highest points scorer for this weekends EPL games. Top points scorer this week wins a Spurs Shirt.

We will do other draws on other weeks during the season as well as the top prizes for the winner of the whole season but today might be a good day to use one of…


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