Ottawa Chapter Pub is  Hometown Sports Grill at 1525 Bank Street, Ottawa, ON K1H 7Z1

All games shown LIVE at this location the new home of the Chapter for 16/17 season.


Thanks for reaching out, and we look forward to hosting your supporters at our match. Your group will be seated in section 327 and 328, with pricing at $18 per ticket. We will have a presale for all of our U.S. supporter clubs starting January 21st, 10am PST. In regards to booking, there are two ways your supporter club can go about this:

1. Block Seating: Your group collects orders…


Communications Update

Ladies! Gentlemen! Yiddos! Fans of The Beautiful Spurs, all!

Hello! Hi! G’day! ‘Allo, mate! And hi (again)! (Please choose the greeting you feel is most appropriate to you; if your preferred greeting is not shown–and is something you wouldn’t mind your mother hearing–then please forward it to me for future use.)

Let the banners fly, and the bells ring, and the horns blast, and the vuvuzelas….oh god, let them PLEASE choke…


2013 Spurs Canada AGM

On behalf of the board of Spurs Canada, I would like to invite you to join us for our Annual General Meeting Wednesday May 22nd at 7:30 PM EST.

If you would like to attend in person in Toronto, please RSVP to Jim Arlow Jim will forward the meeting location. Otherwise you are welcome to join us on Skype. Our Secretary Matthew Coley will host the Skype call in.



Update from the Chairman

Greetings to our Members and Spurs supporters across Canada

It is my pleasure to announce that for the first time in our 15 year history Spurs Canada has a record membership of over 150 supporters. Well done to our Membership Committee lead by Evan Moses!

At our last Board meeting Monday February 18th, the Board put into action a few plans to increase value to our membership. As you all know…


2012/13 Membership Update

If you haven’t received your membership card, or your scarf for premium members, don’t worry. For members from these three chapters, we hold onto the cards and scarves until the end of September to give members a chance to pick them up at your local host pub. We do this as it’s easier for us and it saves the club a fair bit on shipping, which we use to…


Spurs Canada v Man Utd

Spurs Canada is putting out the challenge to our members at our three home pubs across the country. On September 29th we want to break our attendance records at: Scallywags in Toronto, The Academic in Vancouver and The Berryman in Ottawa! Bring your friends and family members out and help us rally behind the Spurs and enjoy a great experience!

Spurs Canada will conduct draws in all three locations for…


Spurs Canada in the States

Some Spurs Canada Members were lucky enough to follow the team around the States in late July. Here’s a selection of pictures and videos from the trip.


Sneak preview of Premium Member Scarf

Here’s a first look at the new 2012-2013 Spurs Canada Scarf. One of these beautiful scarves is included with every premium membership for the 2012-2013 season.

Not a member yet? Sign up here.

Scarf photo

Letter from Membership Committee – Sign up for 2012/13!

The Spurs Canada membership drive for 2012/2013 is now open!

As an incentive, adult members who sign up and pay before Aug 19th, 2012 will receive a place in the draw for a perzonalized official Spurs shirt.

This year the Membership Committee has implemented a two tier membership system. General membership fees across Canada remain at $20.00 for the season. The Top Tier membership, available for $30.00, includes all of the…


Spurs Canada Fantasy Football!

Please sign up Now and join our league  SPURS CANADA 2012-13   register a team and join our league

There will be a Prize again this year for members .Please stay tuned!

To join the Classic League, use: 18120-274929 – For the Head to Head league: 18120-274878

Please don NOT pick Luka Modric but  Hulk Leandro Moutinho Ganso Falcao….well possibly 🙂

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