This ticketing application process is only available to members of Spurs Canada for the current season; if you’re not a member already click here to join first.

Ticketing Policies and Rules as an Official Supporters Club (OSC) with Tottenham Hotspur –

Requirements are as follows:

  • All those applying for tickets must be Spurs Canada Members and also One Hotpsur members too.
    Members must submit required information before the deadline date for the game(s) requested listed below.
  • Provide Names and One Hotspur membership numbers of all applicants for tickets, we will be checking all applicants are also Spurs Canada Members at this time.
  • Indicate seating preference – this is not always guaranteed but Spurs do do their best
  • Supply contact details so a member of Spurs Canada can call and collect payment details
  • As it stands Spurs Canada has access to 10 tickets per home game; until advised otherwise we will be dealing with a first come first served basis for requests for tickets

Ballot deadlines are listed at the bottom of this page for all EPL home games with the entire fixture list available here. Applications for CL, Cup games can use the same form below but check in our Latest News section for more details as they develop.

NOTE: We have been advised by Tottenham Hotspur that for this season we will not be able to submit requests for Away games, we do not know if this is just for this season or a permanent decision and we will update all as we get details for next season.

Application Form – no payment required at this stage – you will be contacted for payment following confirmation of success in the ticket ballot.

NOTE: This application form is for a single game; if you wish to apply for multiple games, simply repeat the process; Thank you for you cooperation.

For Wembley all International Supporters are seated in particular sections; to be advised.

Spurs Canada Ticket Application

Form for submitting all Ticketing Applications for EPL Home Games; CL, & Cup Games.
  • Please put in date of game - note that this may change without notice by Spurs due to other match conflicts or TV scheduling.
  • Examples - please note Home or Away: Arsenal (H) Manchester United (A)
  • Example: John Smith - 1234567
  • Seating locations are not guaranteed but we will do our best to accommodate all needs - if you require assisted areas for disabilities please advise here. At the bottom of this page is a full list of home game details and costs for the EPL season Home game schedule.