Spurs Canada – AGM Minutes from 1st June

Spurs Canada AGM June 1 2016

Attendees: Bill Daniel, Mark Sandler, Richard Thomas, Grey Masson, Greg Polimis, Shah Hosin, John McClelland, Steve Wood

1. Chairs report – is published separately (action : Bill Daniel)
2. Treasurers report – is published separately ( action: Mark Sandler)
One arising action for the new board is local chapters to do count to account for the toques remaining. It is estimated there should be many still available.
3. Open…


Chair’s AGM Report on Season 15/16

Below is the Chair’s report – presented at the AGM on 1st June 2016

Financial Report and AGM Meeting Notes posted separately:

Following an exciting Summer in 2015 with Spurs once again in N.America for the MLS All-Star game, who knew…


Spurs Canada – 15/16 Treasurers Report

See below the Financial Statements and Report provided by the Treasurer during the AGM of 1st June 2016.


Spurs Canada – 1st June AGM Agenda and RSVP Reminder

The RSVP has been extended to Monday 31st May 2016 – if you wish to attend the conference call please send a message to the chair* at

*You must be a Spurs Canada member in good standing for season 15/16 to participate in the AGM and we will be cross referencing any requests with our membership database before sending out webinar / call-in details.


Chair’s Report Presented by…


Spurs Canada – Fantasy League Season end winners

Well it looks like the love was shared across many chapters with the winners of Week 37 & Week 38 Shirt Draws as well as the final League winners too.

Week 37 – Paul Malin – 112pts

Week 38 – Gary ODonoghue – 71pts

The week 37 & 38 Points winers win a Spurs jersey of their choice from this season or wait to be one of the first for next season.



Memory Lane – a feature length documentary – by fans for fans

From our Friends at Fighting Cock Podcast —

Announcing the release of Memory Lane, a feature-length documentary – by the fans, for the fans – charting the noble history of Tottenham Hotspur football club at White Hart Lane…

From humble beginnings, keeping local youngsters out of trouble, through a trailblazing journey of magnificent firsts, Tottenham Hotspur is now a premier English football club.

Passionately narrated by The Fighting Cock podcast’s Flav,…


Spurs Canada – EPL Fantasy League – Week 37 & 38 Jersey Prizes

As previously advertised; for those Members involved in the EPL Spurs Canada Fantasy League as well as the NLD Weeks where we had winners of a Spurs Jersey of your choice we will also be doing so for the last 2 weeks of the season, Week 37 & Week 38 which is the games on the weekend of 7th & 8th May and the final games all played at…


Spurs Canada – AGM Reminder and RSVP

The AGM will be taking place on Wednesday 1st June 2016 5pm PST / 8pm EST

If you are a current member of Spurs Canada for the 15/16 season you are invited to take part in the AGM; where there will be reports on the past season’s activities; plans already in place going forward and the most important part the election of the Spurs Canada Executive and other key positions…


Chairs Update – 20th March 2016

As per my commitment to provide feedback from the Spurs Canada Executive meeting last week on the decisions made surrounding a number of issues including if Spurs Canada, below are the decisions made by the executive:

Grand Prize Draw: Spurs Canada awarded approx. $1500 last year for a trip to London and 2 tickets to WHL for a game; albeit the draw was very well received and the winner the…


Chair’s Update

Chair’s Update – Spurs Canada – 10th March 2016

This message has already been sent to the personal inboxes of all  2015/16 Member of Spurs Canada…. there are a few minor edits removing items and PINs and only distributed to members.

A great season in the EPL so far….. where do we finish, only time will tell.

There are lots of updates layered with a few apologies too so here goes…….

Spurs Canada AGM…

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     Financial Statements for 2015 – 2016 Season
As at June 1, 2016
Income Received
Memberships 283 members 7,730
Total Income 7,730
Expenses Incurred
Toques 3,213
Prize Winner – UK Trip 1,418
Prizes – Fantasy League, Regular Season 1,194
Postage/Supplies/General 654
Flags 542